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Chain Wheels

Our chain wheels are manufactured according to the SFS 2817 standard. The chain wheels are suitable for ISO R 606 (SFS 2392, DIN 8287) standard roller chains. Chain wheels are pre-drilled, but also pre-machined and within short delivery times. We also manufacture chain wheels according to customer drawings, as well as conveyor chain wheels for different kinds of chains and teeth shapes with machined teeth. Max Ø ~ 4000.

Gear Wheels

  • Modules 1-255
  • Boorit and the grooves for the shafts
  • Ratchet wheels
  • Conveyor chain wheels
  • Service parts for machines

Storage Shelves - Tower 6000 Storage Shelf

Torni 6000 -varastointihyllyThe mechanical Tower 6000 storage shelf is a practical storage and retaining solution for expensive and vulnerable tools, machine parts and other goods. Thanks to its construction, the savings in storage space are notable. The storage area can be up to 20 times bigger compared to a similar floor surface area. The goods are always secured from knocking or scratching. Using the goods is as easy as pressing a button, at which time the required shelf adjusts into right level.

The Tower 6000 is supplied with manual or pre-programmed logic control, which makes the use even more smoother. The Tower 6000 is designed according to the customers storage needs.

Technical specifications: 

  • Maximum width: approx. 3,000 mm 
  • Maximum depth: approx. 2,200 mm 
  • Maximum height: approx. 6,000 mm 
  • Maximum load: approx. 1,500 kg / cassette
  • Motor power: 4.5 kW total

Application areas: 

  • Packaging industry (gravity rollers) 
  • Foundries (cast metal) 
  • Engineering (tools, blades, etc.) 
  • Wood processing industry (tools, blades, etc.)

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