Järvensivun Konepaja Oy
– With a Steely Grip

Järvensivu Engineering Oy was founded in early 1960s by Eero Järvensivu. Reasonable investments and a steely grip have carried the company for more than five decades. Järvensivu Engineering Ltd has literally grown from a garage into the company of 40 professionals. After Eero, the company's management passed to his son Mikko Järvensivu.

Today Järvensivu Engineering Oy serves Finland's largest engineering and construction companies, but doesn`t despise customers in smaller needs either. The company has customers in various industries, so if one sector is quiet, the second field of work keeps the wheels turning. The new 2300 square meter production facility was utilized in 2013, including a large Zayer-Long milling machine (x = 10000, Y = 3000).

The Tower 6000 Storage Device, originally developed by Eero Järvensivu, has been a company's own product since 1975. The Disk Goods Automatic has the same basic idea as the Tower. The Tower is also used in Canada, Russia and France.

  • Values: Flexibility, quality and service.
  • Mission: To deliver high quality components to various customers.
  • Vision: To expand operations, in the future 5-Axis works.

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